Patio Installation

Patio Installation

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Patio Pavers

Professional Patio Installation in Greenville, NC

If you hope to entertain guests, add living space and increase your property value, you need to install a patio! Perhaps you want to install it yourself. For the experienced DIYer, this could be a manageable project. With some research you can plan to buy or rent all the material and equipment you need like pavers, gravel, sand, compactors and masonry saws. Of course, you will have to get your hands dirty assembling everything after that too. 

It can be done, but at what cost? Doing your own labor can save you money, but building a patio is a time consuming project, especially for someone without an experienced team. Additionally, you face the risk of injury on the project, a potentially heavy cost. Worst of all, the finished result may not be the patio you hoped for! 

For many homeowners, those risks are not worth the cost of building their own patio. Creech's Landscaping has spent over 20 years helping people save time and money in Greenville, NC. We have designed brand new patios and also fixed patios in need of repair. Our experienced team of contractors works as efficiently as possible, finishing the projects in a timely manner. Look below at past patios paved by us! 

Please call us today to begin working on your new patio. We are excited to create a great addition to your home that will last for years to come!

Patio Installation Gallery

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